Professional Packaging Specialists.

We are providers of packaging systems. Our goal is that your products can be stored and transported with secure protection and a competitive price. We optimize your packaging and adapt it on your specific needs. We have more than 30 years of experience in the plastics industry, we do continuous innovation and our desire to continue learning every day are the keys that allow us to implement improvements and increase the value provided to our customers.

Cost Reduction
Customer Support


Advise on the choice of the best systems and provide our customers the most appropriate packaging to protect their products and goods during storage and transportation. Understanding the best systems as those capable of safeguarding the security, integrity and stability of the load. We achieve these objectives from the efficiency of the minimum cost necessary and care and environmental sustainability of our business.


We dream of convert our society TODO EMBALAJE the benchmark in Spain in packaging solutions. We want to be the first choice for those who want a trusted partner to protect the result of their production. With customer support and implication able to make the difference between being a supplier of your company or be a trusted partner.


All customers of all packaging are important and deserve special attention by have trust on us.

Toward workers, to customers and to society. Our profit is generated transparently and with the confidence of our customers. A confidence generated by our value proposition and philosophy. Optimizing packaging, we manage to reduce consumption of raw materials our customers. It is that allows us to provide quality and a competitive price.

Todo Embalaje was born in a time when the effort, hard work and adaptability are essential. Therefore, we aim to constantly improve processes, improve our offer and learn. We look tenaciously for increase the value we bring to our customers.

We seek to optimize and reduce consumption of packaging material. Less consumption means less costs and less waste. Reduce your environmental footprint without compromising safety.

Todo Embalaje History

Having already garnered more than 35 years of wealth of experience in the packaging market, Javier Córdova and Juan Martí founded Todo Embalaje in 2010.

The founders’ expertise and the economy of those years marked the personality and philosophy of our ambitious Company. Investment in product, in knowledge and in customer service. Removing all the superfluous and unnecessary. A combination to be highly efficient and productive for our customers. Just like that, we have offered good products at a good price, and we have shown our customers to get the maximum efficiency. That is the why, in just in 5 years, we have gone from serving 10 customers to take care of the needs of over 2.500.

In 2013, we moved to our own facilities in the Industrial Park “El Brizo”, in Aldeamayor de San Martín. These facilities are used as warehouse, as well as for production.