The products you need to reduce your costs and take care of your goods

Stretch Film

Used to protect and secure palletized loads baled. The different options of resistance, thickness and other variables allow adapting the bale the needs of each type of product. Choosing the right film is essential to achieve the best security at the best price.

Scotch Tape

An adhesive tape for every use. Different benefits according as we want to protect a shipment, safeguarding a surface, jointing or temporary repairs. We are suppliers of adhesive masking tape, American tape, for sealing, etc.


For a group of products with a perfect wrapping. We have printed shrink films to group the product, offering a more attractive packaging. Also available in large format solutions for shrink-wrapping pallets and large products, such as pipes. Attractive and security in one product.

Other Packaging Solutions

We are specialists in packaging, every day we try to bring the most useful products for our customers. From bands to corners, through systems for grouping products, bags, bags, boxes, etc.

Automated Packaging

Packaging Machines and robots. We dispose of suitable solutions in order to each customer gets the way of palletise and pack with maximum effectiveness and less cost. That is the reason why we are dealer and technical service of Robopac.