The stretch tape which is appropriate for each type of use.

Polypropylene or PVC Adhesive Tape

This type of tape is made of polypropylene or PVC. They are available with solvent, hot melt and acrylic adhesive. You can differentiate your sending choosing between different colors available. You also have the possibility to advertise your brand in each shipment. To do this, you must choose between white, brown or transparent to print your logo up to 3 colors.

Krepp Tape or Masking

It’s a specific water resistance adhesive but allowing a clean and free waste when removed and the tape is no longer needed. It’s an easy hand cut tape. Perfect for masking, marking, etc.

Kraft Paper Tape

Kraft paper tape it’s used for packaging which a power adhesive is required. With a 100% organic composition is ideal for unions to close packaging film and heavier or requiring greater security.

Reinforced Tape

The polypropylene reinforced tape has fiberglass. Its composition and a very strong adhesive make it the perfect tape for sealing very heavy boxes. Their high performances grant resistance to shocks, pressures and loads and unstable routes. They can even become substitutes for strapping. In addition, the tape can be cut without special tools.

American Tape

The polyethylene coating on a mesh gives a high resistance to the American tape. This resistance does not prevent the tape can be cut manually. Its natural rubber adhesive allows maximum adhesion to any material, excellent water resistance and a clean and free waste removal. The American tape is ideal for holding objects firmly, make temporary repairs and reinforce solid special packages.