We specialize in packaging and we work every day to adapt and expand our catalog to the real needs of your company

Strapping & Accessories

Strapping and accessories for group products, close boxes, compact and secure loads or simply close boxes. Available in materials like polyester or PET, metal strips or filaments. Options, alongside the variety of colors and different sizes and resistance levels, can offer the ideal strip for each particular use. We also have metal joints and staples.


The corners can be an essential element for the protection of packaged products accessory. Reinforce the pallets, profiles protect and prevent chafing of the straps. The variety of widths and thicknesses disponibility allows optimizing their effectiveness and cost. We also offer edge boards with your brand printed in up to three colors.

Bags, Tubes and Sheets

We have big variety of bags for packaging in different formats, such as tubes or sheets. This variety of formats allows adaptation to almost any type of product, large and even those more elongated. In addition, these bags may or may not retractable.

Raffia Sacks & Polyethylene

Raffia bags offer lightness, strength and certain rigidity. Its composition with braided polypropylene fibers gives them a good durability that allows the reuse of the bags. Its characteristics make them ideal for use in the packaging of grain, fertilizer, chemicals, sand and products with a very fine particle size.

Big Bags

The Big Bags are large bags with a flat base and normally square. The base geometry facilitates both transport and storage, optimizing the space available for it. They have four handles for easy handling and, optionally, can incorporate closing jacket and / or valves for loading and unloading the big bag.

Cardboard Boxes

Ask for the variety of cardboard boxes available for shipment or storage of your product. Choose between different features to store, protect or export products with different sizes and weights.


We have reusable mandrels for use with Film Coreless coils. In addition and also within our goal of reducing costs and preserving the environment, you can contact us by other policies to reduce the amount of waste generated in the packaging.


As specialists in packaging solutions in our product catalog we offer you all kinds of packaging dispensers. We have from manual film dispensers to tape dispensers. Tell us what you need and we will put at your disposal.